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The Data Mix - Episode 8 - Donald Farmer

April 27, 2022 Brian Booden, George Beaton, Donald Farmer Season 1 Episode 8
The Data Mix
The Data Mix - Episode 8 - Donald Farmer
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The Data Mix - Episode 8 - Donald Farmer

For Episode 8 of  #thedatamix, it's amazing to have back a good friend, fellow Scot, and the godfather of Qlik Sense, Donald Farmer.

Donald has had a storied career, featuring prominent roles at both Microsoft and Qlik, before leading his own consultancy, TreeHive Strategy.  He is one of the most respected public speakers in the arena of Data and Analytics.

In this session, we'll discuss the value of Data and Analytics as a Line of Business.  Some of the topics we will touch on include:

- Ways in which data and analytics can be developed as a line of business
- Simple models for data and analytics as a line of business
- The value of benchmarking
- How to be strategically more agile when creating data and analytics lines of business
-Addressing ethics and governance concerns.

It will be great fun to spend time with Donald again, and this should be an absorbing session! Join us for another awesome episode!

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