The Data Mix

The Data Mix - Episode 10 – Jocelyn Rivera

June 16, 2022 Brian Booden, George Beaton, Jocelyn Rivera Season 1 Episode 10
The Data Mix
The Data Mix - Episode 10 – Jocelyn Rivera
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And just like that, George and I are back with another exciting installment of 


For Episode 10, we are super excited to have Jocelyn Rivera - Power BI expert and "accidental" LinkedIn superstar!

Jocelyn has built a clan of over 9000 followers on LinkedIn since the start of 2022.  According to her, it's been an accidental rise to fame, but her content and processes would say otherwise!

We will talk to Jocelyn about her path into Business Intelligence from her call center career back in 2006, and how she got into the Microsoft and Power BI worlds.

We'll also break down her content creation and dashboard processes to understand that her accidental rise is really nothing about luck, and all about consistency, hard work and great processes.

It's amazing to be able to find out more about Jocelyn's journey.  Join us for another awesome episode!


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