The Data Mix

The Data Mix - Episode 14 - Elif Tutuk

January 05, 2023 Brian Booden, George Beaton, Elif Tutuk Season 1 Episode 14
The Data Mix
The Data Mix - Episode 14 - Elif Tutuk
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And just like that (well, almost!), we are back with another exciting installment of #thedatamix!

⭐ For Episode 14, we are super excited to have Elif Tutuk, Global Head of Product at AtScale and former VP of Innovation and Design at Qlik!

We have so much to talk to Elif about, including:

🟒 Her life at Qlik and how the cognitive engine became "The Beast"
🟒 Her move to AtScale, the role,  and a bit about the company.
🟒 What is a Lake House, where does it fit in the data ecosystem, what problems does it solve?
🟒 Semantic layer - what is it and what problem does it solve?
🟒 What's in store for us in the future?

Elif joins us as one of the most recognisable faces in the Analytics industry, and this should be a tremendous session.

We might even wear our Christmas hats! πŸŽ…

Please join us on Friday 23rd December at 3pm GMT / 11am EST.


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