The Data Mix

The Data Mix - Episode 1 - Steve Wexler

June 08, 2021 Brian Booden, George Beaton, Steve Wexler Season 1 Episode 1
The Data Mix
The Data Mix - Episode 1 - Steve Wexler
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The Data Mix - Episode 1 - Steve Wexler

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We're very excited to introduce The Data Mix - a new show focusing on some of the leading individuals in the Data and Analytics space! Our aim is to bring you our guests in a relaxed and conversational format, where you can ask questions and we can all learn more about some of the topical items in today's Business Intelligence and Data driven world.

Brian Booden and George Beaton are honored to have Steve Wexler as our first guest - Principal at Data Revelations, multiple Tableau Zen Master, and author of The Big Book of Dashboards and most recently, The Big Picture.

Very excited to talk to Steve about his latest work and views on the BI industry right now, as well the burning question that everyone wants to know - what do you think of the pie chart?

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Introducing The Data Mix
Welcome Steve Wexler
Why the f**k do we see so many bar charts?
The perils of zero baseline charts!
How do you get people to use charts over Excel?
What is the correct way to use a pie chart?
How are visualisations constrained by tools?
Bespoke visualisations - good or bad?
Interactivity or clutter - how do we decide?
Steve's data visualisation journey - how did you arrive here?
Wrap Up