The Data Mix

The Data Mix - Episode 5 - Caitlin McDonald

September 17, 2021 Brian Booden, George Beaton, Caitlin McDonald Season 1 Episode 5
The Data Mix
The Data Mix - Episode 5 - Caitlin McDonald
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For Episode 5, we are excited to bring along Caitlin McDonald, Senior Principal Industry Strategist of Leading Edge Forum.

Caitlin is an expert in Digital Ethics, and will help us explore the critical reasons CXOs need to care about digital ethics, whether or not they’re responsible for implementing its specific technical complexities.  We'll dive into topics such as the reasons customers might abandon you for more-ethical providers. 

We'll dig further into the strategic drivers that impact all organizational decision-making: reputation, regulation and revenue. As businesses and public policy decisions become increasingly data-driven, understanding ethical impacts becomes just as central to business strategy as any other major driver such as organizational change or technology policy.

Another fascinating new direction for us on The Data Mix and cannot wait to kick off this episode with Caitlin!


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